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Dec. 23rd, 2011 12:24 am

Entries will be cross posted between the two.

[19] Cowboy Bebop
[16] Generator Rex
[16] Lady Gaga

i got that boom boom boom )
[31] Generator Rex
[20] Cowboy Bebop

this is not what i had planned )
[17] Linkin Park
[34] Generator Rex (2 GIFs)

i will never surrender )
[24] Final Fantasy XIII
[24] Kingdom Hearts 2

extraterrestrial )
[22] SymBionic Titan
[21] Generator Rex

take yourself to higher places )
[28] SymBionic Titan

bulletproof )
[24] Sucker Punch
[13] Final Fantasy X

forever in the dark )
[21] Sucker Punch (1 GIF)

are you pistol whipped )
[23] Final Fantasy X-2
[18] Generator Rex (1 GIF)

i'd catch a grenade for ya )
[77] Generator Rex

slowly )
[70] Final Fantasy X-2

i'm a rocketeer )
[34] Treasure Planet
[27] Generator Rex (episode 'String Theory', 1 GIF)

you'll always haunt me )
[10] Stock (animals, mostly cars)
[30] Generator Rex (episode 'Breach', 2 GIFs)

i could really use a wish right now )
[34] Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5
[19] Inception (mostly fanart)

it doesn't matter so long as we got each other )
Still learning and playing with the program. I'll eventually get better and there'll be more and more icons to give out. ^.^

[7] Final Fantasy X
[2] Final Fantasy X-2
[4] Final Fantasy XIII
[11] Ben 10

chuck said an uzi weigh a mother fscking ton )
First batch ever!

[13] Generator Rex
[5] Sailor Moon (fanart)

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Feb. 18th, 2011 04:39 pm

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